Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tarot Horoscope-October 31-November 6

Here is your tarot horoscope for the week starting- Monday, October31 to Sunday, November 6

Aries:  You must understand that the simple pleasures in life are important at this time.  Take a walk, walk your dog, pet your cat, spend time with family and friends.  Learn to slow down and smell the roses. 

Taurus:  You have the power in your hands to do what you want to do .  You may have a major decision to make between two huge opportunities in your life.  Choose the one that will make you happy as both have the opportunity to be successful.  

Gemini: Like Taurus, you too have the power.  What is it that you REALLY want to d0?  You will be successful in future decisions so choose the one you feel is right for you.

Cancer:    You have a lot going on right now and your ability to multi task is waning.   Take time to analyse what you need to do and take time to recharge your batteries so you may again use your multi tasking skills to the max.  :)

Leo: This is the week for you to understand you have come a long way.  You DO have everything you need and want.  Enjoy the energy of  wealth with family and work that is hovering around you at this time.  

Virgo:  You must realize that you and only you have the power to make  you dreams come true.  The power is there for you to succeed but you don't believe in yourself.  BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND GO FOR IT.  

Libra:  There are so many ideas and choices that you feel are available.  When the time for brainstorming arrives shout out your thoughts and make sure your ideas are heard loud and clear.

Scorpio:  The power that is in your hands is begging for you to release it.  Make that decision between the choices that are available to you knowing you will be successful with whatever you choose.  

Sagittarius:  You are at the top of your game.  Your thoughts and your intellect are A-1.  You are the ruler this week so rule your kingdom with the power of your mind and your intelligence.       

Capricorn:  Do you feel stuck in a way of life or an idea of what you think a situation should be?  Don't be obsessed!  You can always change your way of thinking.  You, and only you, are in control!   

Aquarius:   What a great week for Aquarius!  A new beginning. Listen to your heart and go for it and enjoy all the new possibilities available to you.  

Pisces:  The beginning of a new emotion-the beginning of a new love is waiting for you this week.  Enjoy all the good things that come your way this week!  

Email Wendy or Gaylle today for your own personal tarot reading.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jesus Christ Superstar in Stratford, ON

I am soooooooooooo looking forward to this weekend as I am going to see Jesus Christ Superstar in Stratford, ON.   I am going with a good friend of mine and we have been looking forward to this trip for months now.  To say that we have watched the 70's movie of Jesus Christ Superstar starring Ted Neely several times in an understatement.  We know every word to ALL the songs in the movie.  If you have never seen it I encourage you to do so.  The music is amazing to say the least.

Just for fun I decided to do a 2 card tarot reading to see what energies are surrounding me for this weekend. The two cards were

Queen of Cup and The Lovers

Well, it can't be any simpler to read.  

I am the Queen of Cups (drinking a glass of wine I might add) sitting there (at the theatre) enjoying something that I love very much.  My friend and I (two people) enjoying the beauty and magnificence of this wonderful musical.  

When I am back, if you would like a personal tarot reading to see the energies around you at this time, I'm just an email away.  :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Corporate Event Ideas-Tarot Readers

Are you suffering from 'idea block'?

Your job this year is to plan events for your business or corporation and you have been struck down with a serious case of 'idea block'.  Have no fear!  The Whispering Path Tarot Readers are experienced tarot and rune readers who have an extensive background in reading at corporate events and tarot parties.

If you are interested in booking Gaylle and Wendy for you corporate event please email Gaylle for more information.


the whispering path

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Whispering Path -Taking the Fear out of Tarot Readings

So you booked your first tarot reading and had a few days to prepare for it.  Your excitement grew as it drew nearer and now you are sitting with either Wendy or Gaylle from The Whispering Path and she asks the dreaded question- "Do you have any questions or concerns?”  Your mind goes blank-you look at her with fear in your eyes and then she quickly tells you not to worry.  "We'll start with an exercise to loosen you up and the questions will come to you along the way".

Gaylle and I (Wendy) are working hard at taking the fear out of tarot readings.  So let's start with-What to Expect.  First and foremost don't expect a lot of Woo Woo in our appearance or with our approach to tarot readings.   We take our tarot reading sessions seriously and you will find that the reading will not be overshadowed by elaborate costumes and overdone ambiances.  The setting will be in a quiet room with soothing crystals displayed whose energies are both relaxing and enlightening.  When you come for your personal tarot reading in our homes it will be like you are visiting an old friend. 

Your tarot reading session will usually start with an exercise geared to find the energies that are surrounding you at this time.  This fun exercise allows you to participate by mixing up the cards on the table and choosing 4 cards which will be interpreted to you.  Participation is encouraged at all times in your readings.  By now you will be loosened up and 'ready to roll'.  Your time will fly by as we probe into aspects of your life you wish to examine.  Sit back, relax and enjoy!  :)

Remember, you and only you are in control of your future.  


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The Whispering Path Tarot Readers on YouTube

Check us out on YouTube!

Email today for your personal tarot or rune reading,

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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Women's Little Market in Parry Sound- Saturday, November 26

Get your date book out and schedule yourself to attend The Women's Little Market on Saturday, November 26 at the auditorium of the Parry Sound Library.  11am - 3pm.  There will many vendors there displaying their products.  The Whispering Path Tarot Readers will be there as well.  Have a personal tarot card reading or rune reading.  Gift certificates will be available for that 'hard to buy for' person in your life.  :)


The Whispering Path Tarot Readers
Mary Kay by Stephanie
Scentsy Wickless Candles
EverAfter Crafts and Desserts
Silpada Jewelry
Party Lite
Pampered Chef

Book your personal tarot or rune reading today.

The Wheel of Fortune-The Mystic Dreamer Tarot Deck

Anyone who has been following our blog for the last month will have noticed that I am going through the major arcana of the Mystic Dreamer Tarot Deck that was developed by Heidi Darras.   The images she has produced digitally are magnificent.  I recommend anyone who is interested in a new deck to do further research on this deck as it is definitely number one in my eyes.  You can see more of Heidi Darras' work at   Azurylipfe is her Deviant Art name and I'm sure you will find her artwork is excellent.  Also, for any Canadians out there, I bought my Mystic Dreamer Tarot deck online at Chapters.  The  deck come with a book by Barbara Moore and it does give insight into the deck for beginners.

On we go with the tenth card in the major arcana- Wheel of Fortune.

Prosperity in the Future
'What goes around, come around'
Forward Movement
Events Beyond our Control

When the Wheel of Fortune shows up in a reading I usually feel it is a good sign.  I like to think of it as a sign to 'relax-it will all work out OK'.   Sometimes there is nothing one can do about a situation but wait and see.  The Wheel of Fortune is reminding you that you can not control everything.  So if something you wanted or wanted to happen didn't turn out the way you wished it to The Wheel of Fortune is there for you.  The Wheel of Fortune teaches you that if one thing fails to live up to your expectations not to worry because there are many fantastic moments still out there for you to capture.  The main thing for you to remember is to move on.  The Wheel of Fortune is about movement-moving on-change and destiny.  

Will the Wheel of Fortune show up in your tarot reading?

Email today for your personal tarot or rune reading, 

 the whispering path

December 21, 2012-On The Lighter Side

Please enjoy these 'end of the world' funnies.

Sometimes we just have to sit back and laugh at ourselves.

The world is buzzing with doomsday predictions for 2012 - The Mayan calender's end-of-world forecast that has December 21, 2012 tagged as the last day of the planet. Movies are being made and books are flying off the shelves, all supporting this 'day of reckoning'.
At the Whispering Path we believe in a different end-of world scenario. Just like past ages (stone age, iron age, and aren't we currently in the 'information age'?), we believe that 2012 will be the start of a NEW age - a time of personal spiritual enlightenment.
Already we're seeing an increased interest in things such as meditation, psychic development, tarot readings, crystal healing, etc.

The choice is yours.  What path will you take?

Email today for your personal tarot or rune reading,

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Tarot Horoscope-October 24-October 30

Here is your tarot horoscope for the week starting- Monday, October24 to Sunday, October 30

Aries:  This week is going to be all about family and friends.  Celebrate with the people you love and care about.  Enjoy all that the world has to offer you at this time.  :)

Taurus:  The time for the adventure to start is now.  You are the leader!  You are the one about to embark on a wondrous voyage whether it be in business, in love or actual travel.  Enjoy! 

Gemini:  You are definitely moving towards your goals quickly.  Make sure you have control of the situation.  Loss of control could mean loss of all your hard work.  

Cancer:   You have too much on your mind and something has to give.  This week you must allow yourself to admit that the situation is too much to handle.  Find another way to make it work.   

Leo:  This week you must slow down and take time to look at your life from a different perspective.  Doing so will enlighten you to an opportunity you didn't see before.  

Virgo:  You should be proud of yourself.  Take time this week to see how far you have come.  Enjoy where you are at this time but look to the future and set new goals for yourself.

Libra:  Like Gemini this week, you must take control.  Victory and success are there for you but you must be able to keep up the pace.  

Scorpio:  Don't shut out people in your life who are there for you.  If you need help or guidance do not hesitate to knock on doors.  

Sagittarius:  One aspect of you life is now completed.  You have come full circle.  Spiritually, you are now ready for another level.  

Capricorn:  This is the week of spontaneity.  Start something new!  Listen to you heart, use your intuition and go for it. 

Aquarius:   You have worked hard and deserve a break.  While you are enjoying your success be on the lookout for new opportunities   

Pisces:  Victory!  This is a week for being the winner.  Enjoy your time in the sun.  Be proud of what you have accomplished.  

Email Wendy or Gaylle today for your own personal tarot reading.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tarot Reading for Guidance

Rain! Rain! Rain!

Just when we thought it couldn't rain anymore it rains again.  :(   Parry Sound has had, what seems like, a week of rain and strong winds.

On this rainy day I've decided to do a 2 card tarot reading using my traveler's Rider-Waite deck.  My 2 cards were:

My intuition sparks when I see these cards.  It is letting me know not to block my emotions.  Sit still and try to understand the truth of the issue.  Avoidance is not an option.    I must not hesitate to look outside the box.  It's important at this time that I think logically and analyze the issues at hand with a clear head.

Are there issues in your life you are hesitating to deal with?

Email today for your personal tarot or rune reading. 

 the whispering path

The Hermit-The Mystic Dreamer Tarot Deck

The ninth card in the major arcana is The Hermit

Seeking knowledge

There are many times when The Hermit shows up in a reading that I feel it is signifying a time of introspection for the querent.  I feel The Hermit is trying to say that time is needed to look for guidance.  Most of the  time this guidance  can come from within.  The Hermit is letting you know that you have the knowledge.  Time alone is needed for you to look deep into your soul and find the answers that are waiting for you to find.  The Hermit is reminding you to detach yourself from the situation.  Sometimes by doing this you can see the issue as it really is and not clouded with emotion.  

Is The Hermit in your future?

Email for a personal tarot or rune reading today.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Strength-The Mystic Dreamer Tarot Deck

The eighth card in the major arcana is Strength.


The Strength tarot card speaks to me of a balance one has within themselves, between their conscious and sub-conscious or between the wants and needs of their heart and head.  The tarot card Strength sometimes means exactly what is says.  Strength.  It can mean that now is the time for you to realize you DO have strength and now is the time to draw on that strength to make things happen.   You feel grounded and filled with compassion as you strike forward full of strength, power and bravery.

Is Strength in your life right now?  Email Wendy or Gaylle today for your personal tarot reading.  

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tarot Horoscope-October 17 to October 23

Here is your tarot horoscope for the week starting- Monday, October 17 to Sunday, October 23

Aries:  Enjoy life and all it has to offer.  You will encounter many decisions that need to be made this week. Some decisions are more important than others.  List your priorities and make your decisions with a clear head.  

Taurus:  Don't deny you need to bring harmony and balance back into your life.  Take control and make these changes so issues in your life don't get out of control.

Gemini:  Don't hesitate this week.  You still have lots of strength left in you that you don't realize you have.  Go for it and know all will work out fine.  :)

Cancer:  This week you will notice you feel powerful, like you could conquer the world.  Take this new found  positive energy and use it wisely.  

Leo: Don't be shy!  Engage in that new partnership whether it be in business or in love.  The energy is positive for a successful union.  

Virgo:  You may have been through a difficult time but you must be aware you still have some energy left in you to complete the important tasks you have started.  Take a deep breath and carry on.  

Libra:  You may be thinking that nothing great ever happens to you but turn your thinking around as the energy that is hovering around you this week is one of luck, karma, and positivity.  Seize the day!

Scorpio:  You can't sit around all week doing nothing when the energy surrounding you at this time is all about a new beginning and spontaneity.  Listen to your heart, not your head, and go for your dreams.

Sagittarius:  If you are feeling low on energy then slow down.  You need to take some 'down time' to re-charge your batteries.  You can 'fight' next week.  This week is all about relaxation.  

Capricorn:  You can get a lot done this week.  Your multitasking skills will be at their best.  Enjoy this energy and 'power work' to get ahead.  

Aquarius:  You will be receiving some news this week which may in turn speed up a project you have been working on.  

Pisces:  This is going to be a fun week for Pisces.  Enjoy your time of celebration with family and friends and realize that this is what life is all about.  :)

Email Wendy or Gaylle today for your own personal tarot reading.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Chariot-The Mystic Dreamer Tarot Deck

Continuing on through the major arcana we come to The Chariot.  

Positive Movement
Use of Intuition

The Chariot from the Mystic Dreamer tarot deck makes me feel of a situation that needs control.  I feel there are powerful  positive energies at work here and control is needed to rein them in a bit.  Use of intuition is needed to keep the energies in balance and on the same track.  I sometimes feel there has been some kind of breakthrough in the person's life.  So much so that they seem to be bursting through some barrier full of 'vim and vigor'.  The power can sometimes feel unmanageable but use of your intuition will bring balance and control to this wonderful energy.  

Is the energy of The Chariot in your future?

Email for your personal tarot or rune reading today.

The Whispering Path Signature Reading

Now available!

The Whispering Path's signature reading.  Book now for your personal tarot reading by The Whispering Path.  The time is now to book for your personal Whispering Path Signature Tarot Reading.  Be a  part of your reading.  Take an active role in choosing the tarot cards and runes for your reading.  With the Whispering Path Signature Reading you get a 1 hour tarot-rune reading where your participate in the reading by choosing your cards and runes.  This signature reading deals with such issues as;

  • Self
  • Money/Possessions
  • Communication
  • Home
  • Fun/Pleasure
  • Health
  • Your intuition
  • Relationships/Marriage
  • Secrets/Mysteries
  • Journeys/Travel/Education
  • Career/Employment
  • Friends/Social Circles
  • Things you need to be aware of/ Lessons to Learn

Pick your runes signifying what your need to be aware of and the energy surrounding  you at this time.  

Email now for your personal  Whispering Path Signature tarot and rune reading.  A $60 special!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Mixture of Tarot and Runes

Lately, I have been having fun mixing up the readings with both tarot cards and runes.  I feel that the energy from both sources help me as a reader to dig deeper into the core or essence of the question or issue.  I find the querent is happy with the mixture as it adds a little extra zing to the session.

The tarot deck I use for reading is the Mystic Dreamer tarot deck.  As I have mentioned before in past posts, this deck sparks my intuition.  The runes I use in a reading is an amethyst tumbled stone set that I received one Christmas from my Mom and Dad.  :)

What a wonderful combination for a personal tarot and rune reading.  The Mystic Dreamer tarot deck and an amethyst rune set.

Email today for you personal tarot and rune reading.

the whispering path

Friday, October 14, 2011

Tarot and Rune Readings

I enjoyed a wonderful session today with a lady who was interested in a rune reading.  Not knowing too much about the runes she was hesitant on a full rune reading and asked if we could include the tarot cards too.  Of  course!  When you book for your personal reading the time is yours.  If you want a tarot and rune AND oracle reading you can have that.  

When you email to book your personal reading on site in Parry Sound  you don't have to specify at the time what kind of reading you would like.  The tools for all readings will be available to you. All you have to do is book your time and we can decide the best reading for you when we are about to start.  If you are booking for a personal reading on-line we can decide then what tool should be used for your reading.  

These are my personal amethst runes.  :)  This picture was taken by my daughter, Jaclyn.  

This is a picture of a tarot spread using my personal Mystic Dreamer tarot cards.  Again, this picture was taken by Jaclyn.  

If you would like a personal tarot or rune reading (or a mixture of both) email Wendy or Gaylle today!

Time for a Cool Change-Tarot Reading

I have had this song stuck in my head for months now.  Every time I turn around I find myself singing  it.  Today I couldn't take it any more so for fun I did a reading to see if the cards could tell me why this song is cemented in my head.  

The Knight of Cups-reversed

Someone or something is trying to send me a message and I'm not opening myself up to receive this message.  Knights have a tendency to go to the extreme.  The Knight of Cups wants so badly to get this message across he is sticking songs into my head.  OK, OK! I get it.  Here are the lyrics to The Little River Band's 'Cool Change'.

If there's one thing in my life that's missing
It's the time that I spend alone
Sailing on the cool and bright clear water
Lots of those friendly people
And they're showing me ways to go
And I never want to lose their inspiration
Time for a cool change
I know that it's time for a cool change
And now that my life is so prearranged
I know that it's time for a cool change
Well, I was born in the sign of water
And it's there that I feel my best
The albatross and the whales they are my brothers
It's kind of a special feeling
When you're out on the sea alone
Staring at the full moon, like a lover
Time for a cool change
I know that it's time for a cool change
Now that my life is so prearranged
I know that it's time for a cool change
I've never been romantic
And sometimes I don't care
I know it may sound selfish
But let me breathe the air, yeah
Let me breathe the air
[Instrumental Interlude]
If there's one thing in my life that's missing
It's the time that I spend alone
Sailing on the cool and bright clear water
It's kind of a special feeling
When you're out on the sea alone
Staring at the full moon, like a lover
Time for a cool change
I know that it's time for a cool change
Now that my life is so prearranged
I know that it's hard for a cool
Cool, cool change
It's time, it's time, it's time
It's time, it's time, it's time
For a cool, cool change
Oooooh, I know it's time for a cool
Cool, cool change
Now that my life is so prearranged
Well, I know, I know, I know, I know
That it's time for a cool change
Yes it is, yes it is, yes it is, yes it is
It's Time for a cool change

Cool Change
The Little River Band

Very nice song.  Go download and listen to it.  
I get the message---time for a change. I need to take time for myself to assess the direction I'm going.  Am I on the right path?  Water is linked to intuition and I'm a great believer in listening to your intuition but to do so you must have quiet time for yourself.  TIME ALONE   :)
Do you have a song stuck in your head?
Email for a personal tarot or rune reading today.

Tarot Party

Gaylle and I had a fantastic time last night at a tarot party.

The hostess had invited guests to her home who wanted a tarot reading.  She served them dinner and wine and when we arrived, around dessert time, they were eager to get started.  The hostess had two quiet rooms set up for us to read in and each guest received over a half hour personal tarot reading. Everyone was having a wonderful time and before we knew it the night was over.

What an interesting and exciting way to entertain.

If you would like to host a tarot party email with Gaylle or Wendy for more information.  We look forward to hearing from you.  :)

the whispering path

by Ciro Marchetti

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Scanning a Tarot Reading

There are so many aspects to a tarot reading. Read this wonderful article by Barbara Moore 

Scanning a Tarot Reading

For your personal tarot reading email Wendy or Gaylle.

Personal Tarot Readings by Email, Telephone or Skype by The Whispering Path

There are many tarot reading sites on the Internet that promise you free tarot or rune readings.  Click a button! Click on the cards! Type in your question and press the flashing button.  Really???


Gaylle and I at The Whispering Path do not promise you an on-line reading at the click of a button.  We want you to email us with your question (s).  Talk to us about your issues and concerns.  The reading you get back from us by email will not be a 12 page reading that has nothing to do with what you asked us.  Your reading, by The Whispering Path,  will take approximately 24 hours for us to process.  First, we will actually READ your email and put all the energy will feel into the tarot cards.  Gaylle uses the Rider-Waite tarot deck for her readings as that is the deck that resonates with her.  I, Wendy, use the Mystic Dreamer tarot deck as I feel that deck has chosen me. :)  We will use a tarot spread that intuitively comes to us for your unique situation.   Your reading from us will be so personalized that you will think you were sitting across from us as you read the email.  Once you have read your personal tarot reading if you have any questions or need some clarification regarding the reading you are encouraged to email back.

Don't let distance keep you from having the best tarot reading available.  If you can not come to Parry Sound, ON Canada to have your tarot reading done in person don't hesitate to email Gaylle or Wendy to set up an email, telephone or Skype tarot reading.

A tarot reading can help you to tap into your intuition to aid you to:

Clarify a situation
Avoid obstacles
Reveal your true dreams and desires

Tarot readings encourage self development, self awareness, spiritual development and hope.  :)

Email Gaylle or Wendy today to book your personal tarot reading either on-line, on-site, by telephone or Skype.

the whispering path

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Lovers-The Mystic Dreamer Tarot Deck

The Lovers is Card #6 in the major arcana.


What a wonderful card to see when doing a relationship reading.  The Lovers speaks to us of love, lovers and the union between to people.  The union can be between lovers or it can mean a partnership in business or friendship.  Sometimes when this card shows up it could be hinting that a balance is needed between two things that are loved.  Balance could be needed between work/home, children, friends/family.   I feel the card is implying emotions being reciprocated and  feelings of peace and harmony radiate from the image. 

Email today for your personal tarot reading and see if the energy of The Lovers is your future.

the whispering path

9 of Cups-Wishes Coming True

Back to reality.  Our Canadian long weekend is over.  :(  Time to get back at it.

Gaylle and I are very fortunate.  We love what we do and do what we love.

 "You've got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.... Don't settle."  ---Steve Jobs

20 Most Popular Steve Jobs Quotes

To all of you out there-- grab on to live and enjoy the ride.  I wish upon you today the energy of the 9 of Cups.

Emotional Satisfaction
Wishes Coming True

Seize the day knowing the energy of the 9 of Cups is there for you.

Email today for your personal tarot or rune reading.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Tippee-The Whispering Path Mascot :)

Here is Tippee!  The mascot of The Whispering Path. 

I think Tippee must have pulled the 4 of Swords for her card today.  She is taking time for rest and introspection.  She is gathering up and storing the energy she will need to terrorize Whiskers!

Whiskers is on guard!  She knows it won't be long before Tippee leaps out at her.  

But enough of the cats.  Email today if you would like a personal tarot or rune reading.  

The Hierophant-The Mystic Dreamer Tarot Deck

OK, now I'm being repetitious.  What a beautiful day it is today!  Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians.  I can smell your turkeys cooking from here.  I hope you are enjoying the day with friends and family.  Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all the wonderful people in your life.  Be happy.  Take the time to cement relationships and to make positive memories.  Live is short.  Go out there and embrace it.  :)

Working my way through the major arcana we now come to the card I have the most issues with.

The Hierophant


Institutions or the institution of... 
Being Judged

These, of course, are my interpretations and as I said I have never felt comfortable with The Hierophant.  But let's look at this more closely.   If The Hierophant sparks my intuition as an institution that can mean;

  • the institution of marriage
  • a bank
  • a church
  • college or university 
  • knowledge given in a structured manner
Sometimes a feel that The Hierophant is judging me;

  • at work
  • my family
  • my friends
I see knowledge available to you through standard 'intitutions' like college and universities' as well as a mentor or the wisdom you can gain from an elder.  

I love that the image Heidi Darras has created for The Hierophant doesn't strictly set your mind on religion but  gives a wider range of emotions. The Hierophant from The Mystic Dreamer tarot deck aids my intuition much better than the standard Rider-Waite deck.   

Email today for your personal tarot or rune reading. 

Tarot Horoscope-October 10-October 16

Your tarot horoscope for Monday, October 10 to Sunday October 16.

Aries:  Something or someone may break your heart and make you sad this week.  Let yourself feel this pain, deal with it.  Take the time to heal and then move on knowing that the future will be brighter.

Taurus:   If your life seemed like it was in turmoil and in a mess lately know that it is going to get better.  That bad energy that was in your life is leaving and the future looks better.   

Gemini:  You have some fears that you are trying to hide away.  Don't!  Deal with these insecurities.  Listen to what your intuition is trying to tell you as it will not steer you wrong.  

Leo: You are standing there with all the power to make that important decision.  Your creativity will shine with whatever decision  you make so choose the one that will make better use of your skills and abilities.

Virgo: Your intelligence and thought process is needed for an important project. Use your imagination this week and look outside the box.

Libra:  This is not a week to hesitate.  Use your creativity and your skills to start that project or job you have been thinking about.     

Scorpio:  I know it is hard to let go of something or someone you love but the time is now to realize you have to let go and move on.  Everything needs to end at some time.  Now is the time for you to except this and if you do things will look brighter next week.  :)

Sagittarius:  That project/job or idea or you were working on isn't going to work out.  End it now and move on to something else. Not all your ideas are going to be successful.  End this one now.  

Capricorn:  You are the leader this week.  Head out and see what is in store.  You have the power and are now ready to go for it.  Enjoy the ride!  

Aquarius:  Have faith in yourself.  When or if you seem to be losing faith surround yourself with people who love and care for you.  Take time to assess what it is you believe in.  What do you want in life? What do you need?  Take the time to find yourself.

Pisces:    There will be a message someone is trying to send you or one you should be aware of.  Are you listening?  Wake up and notice what is going on around you.  Love could be near and you are not paying attention.  

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