Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Whispering Path -Taking the Fear out of Tarot Readings

So you booked your first tarot reading and had a few days to prepare for it.  Your excitement grew as it drew nearer and now you are sitting with either Wendy or Gaylle from The Whispering Path and she asks the dreaded question- "Do you have any questions or concerns?”  Your mind goes blank-you look at her with fear in your eyes and then she quickly tells you not to worry.  "We'll start with an exercise to loosen you up and the questions will come to you along the way".

Gaylle and I (Wendy) are working hard at taking the fear out of tarot readings.  So let's start with-What to Expect.  First and foremost don't expect a lot of Woo Woo in our appearance or with our approach to tarot readings.   We take our tarot reading sessions seriously and you will find that the reading will not be overshadowed by elaborate costumes and overdone ambiances.  The setting will be in a quiet room with soothing crystals displayed whose energies are both relaxing and enlightening.  When you come for your personal tarot reading in our homes it will be like you are visiting an old friend. 

Your tarot reading session will usually start with an exercise geared to find the energies that are surrounding you at this time.  This fun exercise allows you to participate by mixing up the cards on the table and choosing 4 cards which will be interpreted to you.  Participation is encouraged at all times in your readings.  By now you will be loosened up and 'ready to roll'.  Your time will fly by as we probe into aspects of your life you wish to examine.  Sit back, relax and enjoy!  :)

Remember, you and only you are in control of your future.  


the whispering path

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