Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tarot Reading-The Importance of Finding the Right Tarot Deck

Finding a tarot deck that is right for you is as important and personal as trying to find your soul mate.  It can be a frustrating and confusing time. 
There are several tarot decks to choose from.  The themes can range from the standard Rider-Waite deck to ones that can be more personalized such as animal tarot for the animal lover or Fairies and Goddess' tarot decks for those more mystical.  When starting out many prefer the Rider-Waite deck and then as they get more comfortable with the standard card meanings they can venture out to find a deck that they can bond with.  Some may be happy (or lucky) and find that the Rider-Waite deck or one similar is the deck for them.  If this happens to you then you are lucky.
I like to think that the deck chooses you too.  I was drawn to (and still am drawn to) The Mystic Dreamer tarot deck.  The images are stimulating and they spark my intuition like no other tarot deck.  After reading with this deck for over a year I started investigating other tarot decks.  I caught ‘tarot deck fever' and thought I might start collecting them.  I also thought I would like a different deck to read with and that I could alternate between a few different decks just to ‘mix things up a bit'.
My Mystic Dreamer deck would have none of that.  After much research and a lot of thought, I bought the Gilded Tarot deck and the Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck.  These decks are beautiful.  The artwork of Ciro Marchetti is magnificent however; my intuition left me-gone without a trace when I tried to read with these decks.  All that was left to me was the standard card meanings.  I felt lost and abandoned.  I could feel the energy of my Mystic Dreamer deck calling me so I put the other decks away and I have been reading with it and only it ever since.  My readings have never been as clear and meaningful as when I realized this was the right deck for me.

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