Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

Monday, October 10, 2011

Tarot Horoscope-October 10-October 16

Your tarot horoscope for Monday, October 10 to Sunday October 16.

Aries:  Something or someone may break your heart and make you sad this week.  Let yourself feel this pain, deal with it.  Take the time to heal and then move on knowing that the future will be brighter.

Taurus:   If your life seemed like it was in turmoil and in a mess lately know that it is going to get better.  That bad energy that was in your life is leaving and the future looks better.   

Gemini:  You have some fears that you are trying to hide away.  Don't!  Deal with these insecurities.  Listen to what your intuition is trying to tell you as it will not steer you wrong.  

Leo: You are standing there with all the power to make that important decision.  Your creativity will shine with whatever decision  you make so choose the one that will make better use of your skills and abilities.

Virgo: Your intelligence and thought process is needed for an important project. Use your imagination this week and look outside the box.

Libra:  This is not a week to hesitate.  Use your creativity and your skills to start that project or job you have been thinking about.     

Scorpio:  I know it is hard to let go of something or someone you love but the time is now to realize you have to let go and move on.  Everything needs to end at some time.  Now is the time for you to except this and if you do things will look brighter next week.  :)

Sagittarius:  That project/job or idea or you were working on isn't going to work out.  End it now and move on to something else. Not all your ideas are going to be successful.  End this one now.  

Capricorn:  You are the leader this week.  Head out and see what is in store.  You have the power and are now ready to go for it.  Enjoy the ride!  

Aquarius:  Have faith in yourself.  When or if you seem to be losing faith surround yourself with people who love and care for you.  Take time to assess what it is you believe in.  What do you want in life? What do you need?  Take the time to find yourself.

Pisces:    There will be a message someone is trying to send you or one you should be aware of.  Are you listening?  Wake up and notice what is going on around you.  Love could be near and you are not paying attention.  

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