Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Whispering Path Signature Reading

Now available!

The Whispering Path's signature reading.  Book now for your personal tarot reading by The Whispering Path.  The time is now to book for your personal Whispering Path Signature Tarot Reading.  Be a  part of your reading.  Take an active role in choosing the tarot cards and runes for your reading.  With the Whispering Path Signature Reading you get a 1 hour tarot-rune reading where your participate in the reading by choosing your cards and runes.  This signature reading deals with such issues as;

  • Self
  • Money/Possessions
  • Communication
  • Home
  • Fun/Pleasure
  • Health
  • Your intuition
  • Relationships/Marriage
  • Secrets/Mysteries
  • Journeys/Travel/Education
  • Career/Employment
  • Friends/Social Circles
  • Things you need to be aware of/ Lessons to Learn

Pick your runes signifying what your need to be aware of and the energy surrounding  you at this time.  

Email now for your personal  Whispering Path Signature tarot and rune reading.  A $60 special!

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