Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tarot Horoscope-September 19- September 25

Your tarot horoscope for Monday, September 19-  Sunday, September 25

Aries: The Star-A major change in you is about to take place this week and because of this your future looks brighter than before.

Taurus:  Temperance- Moderation is the key this week for Taurus.  Control the things your can and try to keep an even balance in all aspects of your life.  

Gemini: Justice-  You will have harmony and peace this week.  Conflicts that were hassling you before have ended. Enjoy the balance that has come back into your life. 

Cancer:  The Star-You have wished upon a star and now all your wishes are coming true.  Enjoy your week.  :)

Leo: The Hanged Man-Take some time and do nothing this week.  Try looking at your problems from a different perspective.

Virgo:  The Sun-The partnership you have formed will turn out successful.  Enjoy your moment in the sun.

Libra:   The Sun- Success is in the air for you this week.  Don't let anything get in your way of happiness.  

Scorpio: Justice-Justice will prevail this week for you and your life will get back into order.  

Sagittarius:  The Emperor-You have such a positive force of power within you this week.  Rule your week knowing you will be successful in all you do.

Capricorn:  The Sun- You are blessed with the energy of The Sun this week.  Enjoy all the positive energy that is shinning down on you and know you will be successful the projects you are tackling.

Aquarius:  Temperance-It's time to bring balance back into your life this week.  Moderation and control will help you achieve this task.

Pisces:  The Devil-Try to ignore the energy of The Devil this week.  He wants to control your obsessions and make you feel you are addicted to his power.  

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