Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tarot Reading-Looks Like a Lazy Day


My 2 tarot cards for today are the 3 of  Wands-reversed and the 5 of Wands-reversed.
Wands are the element of fire and they represent:
  • creativity
  • spirit/will
  • divine spark
When wands show up in a reading they indicate:
  • enthusiasm
  • inspiration
  • passion
  • action
  • drive
Both of my wand cards are reversed.  Their energies are blocked or I am resisting them somehow.  Maybe I want a lazy day but will I be missing an opportunity by ignoring their sparks?


  1. Good gracious! You are a tarot reader, a fortune teller!

    The three wands on the ground- the ground reality on the base!!
    The five wands in the air- the true actions in the race!!

    Reversed they are- are you ignoring the base knowingly?
    You know everything- are you avoiding the race willingly?

  2. Ah...fortune teller? That's sort of a narrow, old-fashioned label LOL. Intuitive 'fortune-telling' luckily is based on the natural perceptive instincts of the reader at the time she/he is looking at the card. Certain things will jump out on the same card in different readings... maybe you see the cat, maybe you don't. Maybe you see the rain, then again, maybe you don't. Or perhaps as a beginning reader you simply look at the meanings from a book?

  3. Tarot cards are one of the most popular ways that psychics tell the future. The tarot will tell you all the possible ways you can brighten up your future depending on what you are going to do in order to become successful. This reading will not tell you what the future holds for you but it will help you out in making your future better as you make the right decisions. Thanks a lot.