Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

Friday, May 20, 2011

Intuitive Tarot Readings

Intuitive Tarot Readings are just that. They are done using your intuition - that gut feeling or first instinct that comes to you when you look at a card.
Intuitive readings leave each card open to interpretation within the context of the question and the other cards in the spread by using the artwork, the cards themselves, the symbols and how it makes you feel. It is a gut reading more so that regurgitation of memorized definitions.
In fact, the first thing I was told when learning Intuitive Tarot was to throw out all the definitions, especially the little book that comes with the cards. If you do a reading where you are just spewing back predefined information, then you are not really doing a reading.
Rosa Castro, tarot instructor, says doing Intuitive Tarot Readings is like looking at a piece of art. That art is going to effect each person in a different way and each person will take away something different from it. Everybody's interpretation of the world is unique.
Remember, the cards are the tool for divination, not the divination. Thus it makes sense that you would use your intuition and not set definitions when doing a reading. If there was only one way to view the cards, then there would only be one version of the tarot deck.

Thank You to:  for this excellent definition of intuitive tarot readings.  :)

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