Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tarot Horoscope-January 30 to February 5

Here is your tarot horoscope for the week starting- Monday, January 30 to Sunday, February 5

This week for the horoscope I am again using the Psychic Tarot Oracle.  

Aries:  The energy surrounding you this week is an energy of envy and/or deception.  You can not control what others think or do but you must be in control of your own thoughts and deeds.  Be careful of what you say and do this week as not to mislead people into thinking you are something you are not.

Taurus:  Be careful with any choices regarding money.  You may want to rethink any major purchases.  Double check that you are getting the best deal you can.  

Gemini:   You will see the light this week.  Everything will become clear and success will be yours.  Enjoy this moment in the sun.

Cancer:   Patience is required at this time.  Don't rush into anything.  Use your time wisely by weighting the pros and cons of the situation.

Leo:   Do not let temptation lead your heart or head this week.  Take your time before making any major decisions and stay strong when it comes to standing up for what you believe is right.  

Virgo:  You need a balance in your life but you are not willing to admit that there are issues in your life you need to control.  Balance and moderation are the energies around you willing to help you if you will let them.

Libra:   What an interesting week for you.  Anything can happen if you believe it can.  Luck and good things await you.  Believe in karma.  If good things should be happening for you they will.

Scorpio:   These bad dreams you have been having and these nights of anxiety can be changed if you start taking control.  There are people willing to help you through these struggling times.  Let them in.

Sagittarius:  You need to seek wisdom in other places but you are too pig headed to look.  You need guidance and enlightenment to help you through through these troubled times.  There are people willing to guide you and assist you in your time of need.  Find these people and listen to what they have to say.

Capricorn:   A new beginning is just waiting for you.  Don't hesitate.  Be spontaneous and just do it. Take a leap of faith and know that everything will work out OK.  

Aquarius:  Save your money for a rainy day.  Save for the things you know you want in life.  Don't go for the quick fix'.  You know what you really want in life so stay strong and work hard to achieve these goals.
Pisces:  You will be struggling this week between two or more things that you want to do.  Your mind is in conflict as it doesn't know what to do.  Slow down.  Close your eyes and all will become clear for you.  You WILL make the right decision and everything will work out fine.  

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