Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Different View of the Tarot Court Cards

Each of us while learning the Tarot Court Cards (they're the Page, Knight, Queen & Kings of the deck) starts with a basic viewpoint.  That may be to use them simply as a person, where sometimes sex and age comes into play.  Sometimes they are used for movement or time, as in the motion of the Knights, and sometimes to herald messages, as the Pages do.

I'd like to offer another way to use them especially within the context of an issue that doesn't need any of the above.  Use the Page through King cards as an indication of where the issue 'is'.   For instance, if the question is about a legal issue and if it's near resolving, a Page would indicate that it was near the beginning or start of the issue still while a Knight would indicate that the case was still gathering information, the Queen might indicate that it was all coming together, and a King would indicate that it was very close to completion.

In another example, perhaps on a question of whether one was going to be buying a house soon, a Page would indicate that one was still in the early stages of that process, while a King might indicate that the search phase was close to completion if not already complete.

We also feel strongly that Aces and Pages would reinforce each other when using the Court Cards in this way.

Try it... hope you'll like this added viewpoint.

Gaylle & Wendy

The Whispering Path

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  1. Thank you Gaylle and Wendy I found this interesting and helpful. I will keep this in consideration next time I see a court card in a reading. Another way to see the Court cards is from an elemental point of view which I am sure you are already aware of. Ace, Page, Knight, Queen, King can be seen as a progression of proficiency within their element or as a hierarchy relating to the first five Major Arcana which would be Magician through the Hierophant. In the latter case I have paired the Aces with the Magician and the Knights with the Hierophant but I realize other associations are of course possible. In a reading the Pages would be the least proficient still learning about the basics of their elements, the Queens and Kings the most proficient expressing themselves within the feminine, masculine aspects along with the elemental characteristics. I find it all very interesting and appreciate all both of you have done in the world of tarot. I look forward to hearing more on blog talk radio and wishing you both a fulfilling new year. Carey