Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

Friday, June 10, 2011

Intuitive Tarot Reading

I started out many years ago with my 1st tarot deck, the Aquarian Tarot deck. In retrospect, it was not a good deck for a beginner and I soon became frustrated and put the deck away.  Years later the deck resurfaced and so did my interest in tarot.  I bought a new deck, the Rider-Waite, and the rest snowballed to this point.  The Rider-Waite deck is great for beginners and I encourage anyone with an interest in tarot to start with it or one similar.  There are many books, blogs and websites devoted to teaching beginners the meaning of the 78 cards and many are using the Rider-Waite as a reference.  Learning the basic meaning of each card is paramount and once you have that mastered the fun is just beginning.

What is great about intuitive tarot reading is the various meanings that can 'pop' out of nowhere and actually make sense to the querent.  I love that moment when I 'blurt' something out that I've never even thought about before as a meaning for a particular card and the person I'm reading for is nodding like nothing has ever made so much sense.

You might ask;

How does intuitive tarot reading work?
Does that mean everything I've been taught is useless?

My journey into intuitive tarot reading started when I purchased the Mystic Dreamer tarot deck.  As I  have posted before, this deck sparks my intuition.  Reading with the Mystic Dreamer deck has liberated me from the standard tarot card meanings and I have never enjoyed reading the tarot as much.   I believe if you find a deck you feel passionate about then your intuition will ignite.

Should you throw away all your notes on the card meanings?  No!  Everything needs a baseline, a foundation to work with.  Intuitive readings build on the foundation of standard card meanings and makes each reading unique in its own way.

Until next time,

Wendy  :)


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