Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tarot Horoscope-December 12 to December 18

Here is your tarot horoscope for the week starting- Monday, December 12 to Sunday, December 18

Aries:   You will find yourself in need of advice  in the matter of business and/or money.  There is someone who is an expert in this field.  Listen to what he/she has to say.  Knowledge is power. 

Taurus:  You have done well this year however you need to be active in protecting everything you have gained.  Make sure all the I's are dotted and T's are crossed.

Gemini:   You may been spreading yourself a bit too then lately and you feel your strength is waning.  Take a break and recharge yourself.  

Cancer:  You will have complete concentration on work this week however try to remember to look 'outside the box'.  There may be a better, faster or more convenient way to do your task.

Leo:  This week you find yourself in a situation where you are not able to accept that you may have been wrong.  Take time to re-assess and use good judgement to bring an end to the problem.

Virgo:  This is a great time for romance.  A message regarding love will coming your way.  Be aware of signals being directed your way.  

Libra:  You are reluctant to stop and 'take stock' of where you are in life, however, it is important this week that you do so.  Failure to re-assess could lead you down the wrong path.

Scorpio:  Don't loose faith.  Your week looks great.  You have the power to transform an idea or project from a good one to a great one.  

Sagittarius:  Wow!  You have a wonderful week ahead of you full of love, peace and hope.  Take this happy energy and share it with others around you.

Capricorn:  Don't hesitate when it comes to beginning a new task regarding something you love and are good at.  Your talent should never be hidden.  Share with the world.

Aquarius:  Your week is all about your emotions and using your intuition to learn where these emotions should be focused.  Listen to what your inner guide is trying to tell you.

Pisces:  Your week will be filled with peace and joy.  You are the messenger of love this week.  Spread these feelings of goodness with others.

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