Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tarot Exercise

I found this fun tarot exercise on Tarot Dame's website today and had to share it with you.

Tarot Exercise: Your Tarot Initials 
Shuffle your deck, asking for cards that will describe you. Then, starting with the top of the deck, count cards until you get to your first initial (mine was K, so it was the 11th card). Remove that card. Then continue counting further into the deck until you get to your middle initial (if you have one), removing that card. Then do the same for the initial of your last name, removing that card.

Turn over the cards, and they will share facets of yourself. Are they cards that you expected? Or do they surprise you? If you turn over a card that makes you think, “That is SO not me”, think again.  Dig a little deeper. What can you find within yourself that houses the essence of this card? You should be able to find something.  ...Still can't find anything? Grasping at straws?  Then look for something, anything, anywhere in the card, that rings true for you. Maybe there's a frog in the background, and you love frogs.

: My initials conveniently fall in alphabetical order, and I don't have a middle name. Should your middle or last name appear in the alphabet earlier than your first name, still do your first name first. Then start again, with the next card in the deck, back at A until you get to your next initial. For example, if your name is Mandy Dandy, you would count from the top until you got to M (the 13th card), then continue with the next card, back at A, until you got to D (the 4th card down).

  I did the exercise myself and this is what came up.  

I am like a child and I find pleasure in the little things in life.

I love the water and I enjoy time to myself.

I sometimes feel that the things I dream about are just beyond my reach.

Try this exercise yourself!   Please visit Tarot Dame's website as she has other fun tarot exercises to try.  :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this exercise. It was fun to do and very revealing. I also used the Mystic Dreamer. The three cards I pulled for my initials helped me realize I am on the right path. Just what I needed. :))))