Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Who do You Want to Win Idol

I had to laugh tonight.  Normally I'm quite busy on the phone with Tarot readings but not tonight.  My assertion, with completely zero statistics to support it, is that clients were watching Idol tonight LOL.  Where do I get this idea from?  10:00 pm.... Idol is over, and bam! tons of people come on line LOL.  Like clockwork... every Wednesday LOL.

I think we were all having a fine time getting our music fix on tonight.  In my household, we missed the first few minutes so even my husband is insisting that at 11:00 pm when the west feed comes on satellite, we have to see Holly sing her first song.

Ah, the sound of music. The endorphins are flowing.

If you have the opportunity in your community, consider joining a choir or chorus.  Some are very competitive and require auditions, and some don't really sweat it too much if you can't carry a tune in a bucket.  And usually the costs for this kind of 'sport' are very minimal - especially compared to many other activities.

The pluses are enormous.  New-found friends to gossip with on the risers, choreo to learn maybe (good for the body), memorization of songs (all good for the brain) and the sheer joy of singing with a large group.  I guarantee, no matter how tired you are going out to sing on choir night, you'll finish the practice thoroughly enervated, with an ear-worm that carries you home and into the next day.

Studies have shown that singing releases endorphins and seratonin into your body.  Endorphins are super pain-killers (about three times stronger than you could take over the counter) and seratonins make you feel good - sort of like chocolate without the calories LOL.

Get out there and sing people!   You'll love it!

Gaylle & Wendy
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