Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tarot Horoscope for February 20-February 26

Here is your tarot horoscope for the week starting- Monday, February 20 to Sunday, February 26

This week for the horoscope I am using my Legacy of the Divine Tarot Deck. 

Aries:     You have way too much on your mind.  Something has to give soon or you'll break.  Save your energy as you will need it this week to stick up for what you believe is right.

Taurus:   You will need to take time for rest and recuperation because of heartache and pain you will encounter this week.  

Gemini:   You are holding back and not allowing positive energy to find you.  Abundance and cerebration can be yours if you allow yourself the freedom.  

Cancer: You had an idea that you thought was brilliant however others did not agree.   Let it go and move on.  Your next bright idea could be the one to show everyone you have what it takes.  

Leo:   In regards to your career you are on top of the world this week.  Everything you touch seems to turn to gold.  Everything you put into your week will multiply and success is in your hands.   

Virgo:  You have two beginnings standing in front of you. Two paths you can follow and each will be successful.  Do you choose the path that will take a driving force, aggression and lots of energy or do you take the path that allows you to use your creativity to do what you love to do.  The choice seems simple...........

Libra:  Now is not the time to be daring and wild.  Yes, you are doing well and you have succeeded beyond your expectations however; take time to enjoy what you have accomplished.  Relax.   

Scorpio:   You are very low on energy this week and should do nothing but rest and relax.   Be careful not to catch a cold or the flu from outside your household and bring it home to your family.

Sagittarius: You will be using a lot of your energy this week trying to keep a balance in your life and to keep everything under control.  You will be successful in this however; you will need to take time to rest to restore your depleted energy.

Capricorn:   You will be crackling with energy and be such a positive force this week that others with be overshadowed by you.   While you are shining with brilliance try to respect the feelings of others.

Aquarius:  You are on top of your game.  You are number one and you have never been so ON as you will be this week.  Enjoy this feeling.  Celebrate and be happy.  You deserve it.  :)
Pisces:  This week you will feel your strength is waning and your thoughts are all mixed up, so much so that you can't seem to 'look outside the box' to get a new perspective.  R & R is all you need and you'll be back to your old self in no time.  :)

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